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Updated Dec. 17, 2022 by Richard Garnett

  1. Any CFI wanting to teach at Long Beach Flying Club, must be approved by the LBFC Management Committee.
  2. Preference will be given to CFI’s who have completed all of their training (Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial and CFI) at Long Beach Flying Club.
  3. All CFI’s providing flight or ground instruction using LBFC aircraft or facilities, must complete a CFI checkout with the Chief CFI.
  4. Each course a CFI wants to teach ( Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Part 141 courses) require a separate checkout with the Chief CFI. Other than the initial aircraft checkout with the Chief CFI, additional aircraft checkouts may be completed with any LBFC CFI.
  5. All CFI’s must complete an “Annual Flight Review”. The AFR will consist of a review of the CFI rules and a review of selected flight maneuvers. The AFR is conducted by the Chief CFI, Assistant Chief CFI, or a Designated Check Airman.
  6. A LBFC CFI who has been absent and not provided flight instruction for more than 60 days, must do a ground review with the Chief CFI, prior to giving flight instruction.
  7. Except for “One-Time” Demo flights, all people receiving flight or ground instruction at LBFC, must be current members of LBFC.
  8. Private Pilot training – All students in Private Pilot training must a pass “Pre-Solo”, “Pre- Cross Country” and “End of Course” stage checks. Note: Prior to the “Pre-Solo” stage check,(and all other stage checks) the student must have – Student Pilot certificate, Current Medical certificate, Current Photo ID, and Current Long Beach Airport AOA badge.
  9. Long Beach Flying Club has no obligation to provide students to LBFC CFI’s. It is the responsibility of each CFI to obtain their own students.