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All of our aircraft are IFR-equipped and the price includes fuel. Cash prices are based on a cash discount and may be subject to change. Fuel purchased on cross-country flights will be reimbursed (with receipt) for the amount per gallon of fuel up to a maximum of $7.25 per gallon.

Make/ModelTail NumberCash PriceCredit Card Price
Cessna 152N48340$108.00/HR.$114.00/HR.
Cessna 152N67932$108.00/HR.$114.00/HR.
Cessna 152N67431$108.00/HR.$114.00/HR.
Cessna 152N5301H$108.00/HR.$114.00/HR.
Cessna 152N5513L$108.00/HR.$114.00/HR.
Cessna 172N272WC$142.00/HR.$150.00/HR.
Cessna 172N3048E$142.00/HR.$150.00/HR.
Cessna 172N51594$142.00/HR.$150.00/HR.
Cessna 172N6295D$142.00/HR.$150.00/HR.
Cessna 172SPN724SP$176.00/HR.$185.00/HR.
Cessna 172RGN80138$185.00/HR.$195.00/HR.